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About the VSCS Libraries

Policies, Locations, Staff, etc.

Mission & Policies

The VSCS (Vermont State Colleges System) Libraries support learning and teaching, research, creation of knowledge, intellectual growth, and enrichment of the academic experience by providing staff expertise and access to information, services, facilities, and technology.

The VSCS Libraries offer outstanding services and digital-first resources in support of a geographically dispersed and hybrid system including VTSU (Vermont State University) and CCV (Community College of Vermont) (Community College of Vermont). The VSCS Libraries partners with academic, professional, and local communities in sharing and developing resources, fostering life-long learning and information skills, and furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts throughout the system and beyond. The libraries support an open access agenda that accelerates the progress of knowledge, supports academic freedom, social justice and promotes equity and inclusion across disciplines.  

The values and principles that guide the libraries’ decisions and actions include a commitment to:

  • User-centered services and operations that maximize digital-first access to our resources and aid in student success, persistence, retention, and completion.
  • Intellectual freedom, confidentiality, fair and equitable access to information.
  • Respect, honesty, fairness, and ethical practices in all interactions.
  • Diversity and inclusiveness of people, information resources, and services.
  • Collective and individual responsibility for excellence and quality.
  • Collaboration, civil, and open communication and building community engagement.
  • Bold innovation, creativity, risk-taking, initiative, and problem-solving.
  • American Library Association’s Bill of Rights and Code of Ethics.
  • Library as Place: being a welcoming place for community members to gather.