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How To Do Research


Argumentative research papers include a section that pokes holes in the central argument. This counterargument section is your chance to let your reader know that you've considered the argument from all sides and can respond to an opposing or challenging view.

That doesn't mean the counterargument has to be the exact opposite as your central argument. Your counterargument should illustrate problems with the argument so you can then address each counterargument with a solution. The counterargument section of your paper is your chance to poke holes in your own argument so that opposing viewpoints would be addressed.


  • Therapy pets should be allowed on college campuses because they help reduce stress levels in some students.


  • The cost of pet care could increase tuition.
  • Students with pet allergies wouldn't be able to use parts of the campus that had therapy pets.

Solutions for the Counterarguments

  • Therapy pets would only be allowed in some dorms.
  • Students in dorms with therapy pets would have to pay a small fee for the cost of pet care.