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How To Do Research

How to Do Research

Conducting research is an essential part of academic life, and while it can be both exciting and rewarding, it can also be daunting and challenging at times. This guide intends to provide you with practical tips and techniques to help you navigate the research process effectively, efficiently, and confidently.

The Research Process

Information on how to structure your research. Includes research strategyresearch topicsbackground researchthesis statementscounterarguments, & missing information.

Sources of Information

Information on different types of sources. Includes primary sourcesreference sources (encyclopedias & dictionaries)newsmagazinesacademic journalsbooks & ebooksgovernment documentsvideosimages, and statistics.

Searching for information

Information on how to find information. Includes databases and discovery toolssearch termsrefining resultssaving and linking to sourcesfinding specific items, and searching outside of the library.

Evaluating Information

Information on evaluating the credibility of different information sources. Includes the SIFT methodscholarly vs popular sourcesavoiding biaswebsitesmisinformation and fact checking.

Integrating and Citing Information

Information on using sources in your research, including proper citation. Includes integrating sourcescitation (MLAAPAChicagoAMA, CSE, & APSE) citation tools.

Information Ethics

Information on the ethical use of Information, Includes avoiding plagiarismcopyright and fair use.

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