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About the VSCS Libraries

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Library Collections

Collection Streamlining

For information about the current Collection Streamlining Project, see our Physical Collections page.

The VSCS Libraries strive to support the research, learning  and curricular needs of our students, faculty and staff by providing timely and consistent access to scholarly materials. 

Collection Management Strategies

VSCS Libraries are committed to following these general strategies to guide our collection development and maintenance:

  1. Prioritize electronic resources over print to help students and faculty access information anywhere, anytime
  2. Prioritize access to full-text content aimed at serving the most program content
  3. Reduce print subscriptions and non-programmatic materials except for specific class-related requests
  4. Evaluate adjustments using our regular data collection process identifying usage and cost per use
  5. Establish a time sensitive plan committed to transparent and well-communicated action

Additional guiding resources are listed below:

What can you do to support the VSCS Libraries?

  • Support open and equitable access to scholarly literature. Learn more about open access and its importance for libraries & researchers.
  • Consider consulting your liaison librarian to find library materials to use in your course and to assess what we already own  in print or online
  • Faculty: advocate and insist that students use library databases for their research at the colleges.
  • Include library provided instructional resources in your canvas courses.

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The VSCS Libraries value feedback from our stakeholders and patrons. Please feel free to contact us with your questions, comments and/or concerns.