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VSCS Archives

The VSCS Libraries help manage archival collections for the VSCS schools and the schools that preceded them.

Physical Archives

The Vermont State University Archives collections are housed at the Castleton, Johnson, Lyndon, & Randolph library locations. The archives seek to capture the University's history by collecting, preserving, and sharing various materials. Resources include college yearbooks, handbooks, catalogs, commencement programs, photos, films, and artifacts. If you would like to visit or use archival materials, please reach out to that location. Archives at all locations can be accessed without an appointment, but it is recommended to make an appointment. Access and appointments are contingent on staff availability.

Please contact Hannah Reid, VTSU Assistant Vice President of Communications, Alumni and External Affairs, at for questions about donations.

For Information on electronic archival collections, see the Archives page in our Search menu.

Electronic Archives

We are currently working on consolidating and expanding our electronic archival collections, but for now here are links to the existing collections of archival material we have available online:

Other VSCS Archival Sources