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How To Do Research

Refining Search Results

Video Thumbnail: Refining Search Results
Video: Refining Search Results

Library databases house ebooks, streaming videos, newspapers, magazines, and journals that the college subscribes to. Some databases are subject-specific and some house sources according to format (e.g. streaming video).  

Databases offer many ways to customize your results - you can filter results by source type, publication, format, and date.


Refining Results in the Discovery Search

Use the filters below the search box to limit your search to full text sources, peer reviewed sources, or by date or source type. Sort your results by relevance or date by using the drop-down menu to the top right of your results.

Screenshot of filters below VSCS Discovery search box

Click All filters for more filter options, including location, subject heading, language, name of publication, & database.

Screenshot of All Filters display in the VSCS Discovery Search