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Recommend a Purchase

We welcome purchase recomendations from our users. In accordance with the VSCS Libraries Digital First Mission the VSCS libraries will seek to prioritize acquisition of electronic resources over print and physical materials.

We also consider the following factors when evaluating acquisition requests:

  • Relevancy to the curriculum
  • Appropriateness for the collection
  • Authoritativeness of the author, editor, publisher, and content
  • Author’s and publisher’s reputation
  • Published reviews
  • Price
  • Timeliness of materials
  • Demand; frequency of borrowed materials (ILL or request delivery)
  • Accessibility and usability: on campus as well as remote, license terms, and ease of use.
  • Content and scope: relative to existing resources and curricular integration.
  • Relevance and currency: timeliness, update frequency and long-term value.
  • Usage and cost: number of courses, course enrollment and overall cost to acquire.

To recommend a book, video or electronic resource, you can reach out to your liaison librarian or fill out this request form through the VSCS Library Catalog: